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drug of choice

my drug of choice ruined me. im addicted to triple c’s. its a really stupid drug too. its like little kid shit. but the way it makes me feel is amazing. and if you mix it with weed - ohmygod - even better. because of triple c’s i had a heart attack at 16. because of triple c’s i went to rehab. because of triple c’s i barley remember anything from my junior year. because of triple c’s my mom is really sketchy about me. they were the best and worst thing ive ever experienced. they killed my insides. a piece of my heart is dead and my liver is damaged.., because of triple c’s. so im telling you, be careful if anyone decides to fuck with them. theyre fun and awesome but dont binge on them. you stop eating, your hair falls out, your face hollows out, you dont sleep, you dont eat, you can barely hold a conversation, and the bags under your eyes get very dark and noticeable. oh how i love and miss them.

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